Omnia Oven - Silicone Muffin Ring

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Custom-made for the Omnia, this silicone insert allows you to bake savoury & sweet muffins on the road, using your Omnia Oven and portable stove or BBQ! Also a great tool for making other favourites & comfort foods like mini quiches & scones.

Warning: All parts of the Omnia get very hot. Always use a potholder or oven mitts and follow usage instructions for the Omnia oven.

The Omnia Stove Top Camping Oven is a revolution in compact & lightweight travel ovens. If you can do it in a regular oven - heat, bake or cook - you can do it in an Omnia! The Omnia requires no installation and works with a variety of heat sources to provide a convenient, versatile way to prepare your favourite foods.