Omnia Stove Top Camping Oven

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The Omnia Stove Top Camping Oven is a revolution in compact & lightweight travel ovens. If you can do it in a regular oven - heat, bake or cook - you can do it in an Omnia! The Omnia requires no installation and works with a variety of heat sources to provide a convenient, versatile way to prepare your favourite foods.

With your Omnia, you can make fresh-baked bread and delicious oven dishes directly on the hob. Omnia is easy to use, lightweight, compact and requires no installation.

The Omnia’s simple, robust design features three parts that work together to provide heat from above and below: the pan, the base and the lid. These three parts must always be used together.

The Omnia works on all heat sources except induction stovetops. The heat of the Omnia will vary in relation to the heat source used.

It’s the perfect solution for campervans, motorhomes, caravans, boats, 4x4s & free camping.

  • Base: Stainless steel, high-quality SS430
  • Omnia Pan and lid: Aluminium
  • Pan volume 1.9L, Pan height 7cm
  • Oven height (including knob): 14cm
  • Oven width: 25cm
  • Weight: Approx. 0.5kg

Create an even more versatile oven, with these optional extras!

  1. Silicone Insert for quick & easy clean up
  2. Muffin Ring for 6 x portions
  3. Trivet for crisping and steaming