Peggy Peg - Combination Tool: For Screw-In Pegs (2 Parts)

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For use by hand or electric drill.

All of our Peggy (screw-in) pegs have been constructed to be used with either a manual device or an electric drill (avoid using an impact driller). Our combi tool combines those two options in one product. The hexagon design of the T-head combined with the stob ring on our Peggy Pegs stops the tilting of the handle and adapter. This prevents breaking off the head by leverage.



  • Tool in two parts to be used either manually or with an electric drill.
  • Fits all Peggy Peg heads.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Manual key (Orange)
  • 1 x Adapter (Blue)

Technical Information:

Material: PA with fibreglass
Size: 10cm
Wrench size: 17mm
Torque: max. 35Nm
Content: 1 Pack
Packaging: 108 x 122 x 33cm
Weight: <100g