Peggy Peg - Crocodile Peggy Tarp Clamp (4 Pack)

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An unlimited range of applications!

In a camper's everyday life, there are many moments when something needs to be hanged, clamped or fixed in some way. In this case, Crocodile PEGGY® is the ideal tool for you. The multifunctional, powerful quick-release clamp offers almost unlimited options. Crocodile PEGGY® is made form high-strength reinforced fibre-glass, UV-resistant polyamide and adapted to our Peggy Pegs. Thus, it is possible to secure Crocodile PEGGY® to the ground easily. Adjusting the pressure of the Crocodile PEGGY® is easily done by a lever, making it possible to clamp delicate materials without damaging them. 

When material needs holding in place, the Crocodile Peggy® is the ideal solution.
You can hang towels or a sunshade, fix a carpet, etc., to the ground.

Not only can it be used to secure your campsite but also ideal for covering loads on trailers when on the move, hanging washing, and making extra eyes to tie off to

If you look closely at a Crocodile PEGGY®, you will find yourself coming up with loads of possibilities to use the Crocodile PEGGY®, so it is always advantageous to have some Crocodile PEGGY® clamps ready to use. This way, you can easily secure the carpet to the ground, hang up sun protection onto your awning or a towel to dry.
Especially if you combine it with the CrocAdapter, which slides exactly into the motorhome awning rails.
Thus, it is certainly an advantage to have a few more of the practical clamps within reach.


    • Suitable for attaching sensitive materials.
    • Secure a mat to the ground - no problem.
    • Attach sun protection to the awning 
    • Hang up a towel to dry - (Croc Adapter is needed).
    • Unlimited range of application. Be creative!

Product contains:

  • 4 x Crocodile PEGGY®

Technical Information:

Material: PA with fibreglass
Length: 14.5cm
Wrench size: -
Torque: -
Content: 1 Pack
Packaging: 13 x 20 x 4.1cm
Weight: 0.334kg