Peggy Peg - Fix & Go Awning Kit with Pegs, Adaptor, Anchor Plates + Carry Bag

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Peg&Stop and Fix&Go Anchor Plate, the smartest combination since screw-in pegs have been invented!

For awnings, tent poles or storm straps of all kinds. Awning legs or tent poles are safely fixed between the Fix&Go Anchor Plates and cannot sink into soft grounds or take off. The height-adjustable locknut of the Peg&Stop system holds the plate in place even if the peg is not completely screwed into the ground. Quickly opening the slides allows you to retract your awning as often as you wish—A complete range of screw-in pegs for all varying types of grounds. (Pre-drilling might be useful in really tough or winter conditions).
If you want to leave your camping spot, simply tear it down in seconds!


    • Great kit for all sorts of soil/ground types to secure your awning!
    • Awnings legs are safely and easily fixed and cannot sink into the ground or take off in windy situations.
    • Peg&Stop allows quick securing of the awning leg.
    • Fix&Go Anchor Plate 2.0 allows flexible and quick retraction of the awning at any time.
    • Weighs 1/5 compared to a common peg.

    Set contains:

    • 6 x Peg&Stop S 16cm
    • 6 x locknuts
    • 4 x HP Hit-in screw-out Hardcore pegs 15cm
    • 2 x Screw-in pegs Long 32cm (Hardcore Sand Pegs)
    • 6 x L Hooks
    • 2 x Fix&Go Anchor Plates 2.0
    • 2 x Stormhooks
    • 1  x Combination tool with Alu-Adapter
    • 1 x bag orange

    Technical Information:

    Material: PA with fibreglass (Screw-in pegs + T-handle), Aluminium (Hit-in Screw-out Hardcore Peggys + Adapter)
    Length: Varied
    Wrench size: 17mm
    Torque: Varied
    Content: 1 set
    Packaging: 85 x 55 x 25cm
    Weight: 1.183kg