Peggy Peg - Ladder Kit for Guy Ropes (12 Pack)

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Most awning guy ropes have springs to act as shock absorbers in the system.

Whilst the spring can be attached directly onto the blue rope clips, it is not an ideal solution, both in terms of convenience, and in engineering terms. The spring tries to bend the blue rope clip, and will weaken it under extreme conditions – just when you want it to be at its most efficient.

To overcome this problem, we introduce the – Guy Rope Ladder (LDF8) – a flexible PVC ladder that can be fitted permanently to the bottom of the spring. Then when setting up camp, simply loop any of the rungs of the ladder over the blue rope clip, adjust the tension, and the job is done, with no built-in stress/weakness points.

Many tents are fitted with small canvas loops for the pegs, which is fine as long as the ground will allow you to put your peg in where the tent dictates. But by looping a Guy Rope Ladder through the canvas loop, you have many more options with peg location, and because the ladder is slightly flexible, it acts as a shock absorber on the retaining system.

The ladders are supplied in packs of 12, to match the quantity of pegs in a standard Peggy Peg PP02 peg pack.