Peggy Peg - Normal Screw-in Pegs (12 Pack)

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Tarps, tents, awnings, annexes, camper trailers, gazebos, etc

Peggy Peg Screw-in pegs proven a million times, the smartest way to tie down!

  • Five times lighter than an equivalent metal peg. Ten times better grip!
  • Generous thread for a secure grip. Ideal for soft, sandy soils!
  • Can also be used in hard, rocky grounds by using the height-adjustable hooks or Lock Nut!
  • Robust, fibre-glass, UV-resistant polyamide or Aluminium!
  • Quick and easy to use!
  • When it's time to go, just screw it out-it's that easy!

All our Peggy Peg plastic screw-in pegs are produced from Fibre-glass reinforced UV-resistant polyamide. At first sight, the colour may seem a bit odd, but our Peggy Pegs can be seen more quickly. Peggy N is the height-adjustable all-purpose Peggy Peg for awnings, cords and tents etc. Product testers travelling all around Europe have approved that Peggy N can be used in 90% of all cases by its height adjustment. Pre-drilling might be useful in hard or frozen grounds (take a 10 mm drill). Attention: Only continue to drill with all our Peggy Pegs as long as the screw is driving in.


  • Application: From normal or hard grounds to soft grounds.
  • Screws into ca. 90% of all grounds (tested).
  • All-rounder screw-in peg for many types of applications.
  • 1/5 of the weight compared to a common peg.

Product contains:

  • 12 x Screw-in pegs - Orange Normal 20cm
  • 12 x Hooks Blue

Technical Information:

Material: PA with fibreglass
Length: 20cm
Wrench size: 17mm
Torque: max. 25Nm
Content: 1 Pack
Packaging: 20,2x23x5,1cm
Weight: 0.490kg