WILD|ALONE is the creation of the relentlessly independent Mel Lang. A lifelong enthusiast of the great Aussie outdoors, her commitment to environmental conservation & ethical consumption combined with her defiant persistence to carve her own path led to the beginning of WILD|ALONE - a retail & culture hub where independent and solo travellers can equip themselves with the gear & knowledge they need to tackle anything.


Modern travel & camping has rapidly shifted away from the "grey nomads" market, exploding in popularity amongst both younger generations including singles and older women.

As the RV Industry rapidly grows in the wake of soaring housing prices and pandemics decimate international travel, more people are choosing to spend their holidays (and in some cases, their daily lives) in a motorhome, campervan, caravan or SUV.

However something crucial has been missing from the market - gear for people who prefer to go it alone.


With women over 50 years old now the fastest growing group at risk of and exposed to homelessness in Australia, many older women are reclaiming their independence through a life on the road.

WILD|ALONE embraces & encourages the freedom & independence of women across Australia with a range of products tailored for safety, accessibility & convenience.


At WILD|ALONE, we keep our passion for environmentalism, conservation & ethical consumption at the forefront of our business. Utilising eco-friendly packaging options, sustainable or recyclable materials and apparel manufactured ethically with fair labour rates, we're consistently careful in our product selection to ensure our principles remain strong.