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Pibella FUD

Pibella is a reusable, convenient and easy Female Urination Device (FUD). This little tube will help you through life’s greatest adventures and everyday challenges.

Pibella Travel allows you to pee standing up and sitting and without removing clothes, perfect for women on the move. 
Pibella Comfort allows you to pee lying down and sitting - for women who are disabled, heavily pregnant or recovering from injury or surgery.


Due to the small and anatomically shaped docking orifice, Pibella is optimally adapted to the female anatomy and works for every woman. It is a simple design that works exceptionally well. 

The recyclable PP5 plastic material is ultra light-weight, water-repellent and can be boiled/sterilised if desired. When your Pibella does eventually reach the end of its life, it can be recycled.


Because Pibella is a registered medical device, all their products are manufactured in Switzerland under state-of-the-art and hygienic conditions.
Only hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly materials are used. The FUDs are able to be used infinite times, and can be sterilised where desired. The medical urinary system Pibella enables women to urinate in a independent and dignified manner.
The Female Urination Device Pibella was developed as a result of a family illness and has now been available since 2005 to assist women around the world.


Thousands of users around the world appreciate and recommend the Pibella urination device. US Magazine 'Backpacker' tested most FUD brands and declared that the best Female Urination Device is Pibella. Check out their full product review here

Woman using Pibella Travel on a mountain
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