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With a combined 50 years in Recycling, Retail and/or Management, they are the most experienced of any other Textile Recycle in the South Coast region.

With local residents and charities regularly dumping excess textiles into landfill, DLG saw the opportunity to step up and be leaders in the reuse/repurpose and recycling of end of life items.

DLG have created the Triple R process, which means Reuse, Repurpose or Recycle, and are the only recycler in Australia that can guarantee Landfill-free processing of excess textiles.

The Process

  1. DLG collect excess textile from local Residents and put them through their Triple R Process.
  2. They PURCHASE (via our partner providers) Excess clothing from Charities in the area (and beyond). In 2019/20 this equated to more than 1,000,000kg of textiles and provided over $400,000 to South Coast Charities in direct sales of clothing with over 50% that would have previously made its way to landfill in Australia or Overseas.
  3. Excess Textile items unable to be Reused/Repurposed in Australia are sent to their partner recycler in India for a repeat of the Triple R process.
  4. Reusable Textile Items are redirected to communities in need around the world, and all other textiles are then put through a recycling process
  5. These recycled materials are then re-manufactured into Brand New linens, rugs, towels, clothing, insulation, blankets, liners and so much more. Nothing is wasted, everything has a reuse.

Partner Facilities in India:

  • 100% compliant with the Modern Slavery Act
  • No Child labour (under 18’s are not allowed onto sites)
  • All workers are paid a Federally Mandated LIVING WAGE, meaning that the $ earned are enough to cover basic living expenses.
  • Extensive rules/processes around WHS and working conditions to meet the standards required by Worldwide Multinationals.

What You Can Expect from RRR Recycled Plastic Mats

As part of their passion for recycling, DLG manufacture their recycled plastic caravan mats from recycled land and ocean plastics in addition to the 1 million kg of textile waste collected from the NSW South Coast. In addition, they provide complete oversight of their entire project, including their branch in India, to ensure they remain up to standard with health and safety codes and regulations.

At DLG Australia, the supply chain in India and Australia works tirelessly to ensure their recycled annex mats are of the highest standard recycled materials.

Benefits Of Recycled Camping Mats

When planning your camping trip, packing your recycled mats for your site is a priority. There are numerous benefits to having a mat outside your caravan or camper, especially when the weather turns unexpectedly, including stepping into mud when you climb down the steps of your vehicle.

  • With a mat outside your caravan, you will reduce the amount of dirt you bring with you into your caravan. In addition, not tracking in the dirt will help you with your daily clean up and your overall clean up when your trip is over.
  • The mat will provide more comfort for you to walk barefoot outside your caravan. During your camping trip, you might not want to wear shoes for the entire duration, so taking off your shoes and walking over a mat will benefit you.
  • There is always the chance of damaging the grass wherever you park your caravan and lay down your mat. With recycled materials, your mats will be more breathable for the ground underneath as it’s much lighter than most plastics.
  • Water and dirt quickly run off these mats. So, for something as easy as loose dirt, you can simply shake off your mat and fold it up. However, if you have dirt stuck to your mat, for example, ketchup or mud, you can grab some soap and a hose for a quick clean up, let the mat dry and then pack it away.

What Sets DLG Apart When It Comes to Recycled Mats for Caravans

DLG Australia offer caravan mats recycled from waste textiles and plastic. With our repurposed mats, you can enjoy your camping trip without any muddy surprises.

  • We do only use recycled materials for our mats. We ensure our mats are strong and can withstand Australian weather conditions while remaining lightweight to transport anywhere and everywhere. They can double as beach mats, especially when you park your caravan close to our sunny beaches and decide to spend the day in the waves.
  • These mats are tolerant to all dirt, sand, and water. Of course, you will have wear and tear with any item as time goes by and with frequent use, but you can be sure water, sand and dirt won’t be the cause of significant defects.
  • We offer our mats as one piece, so you don’t have to worry about any missing set pieces for different parts of the caravan. However, suppose you would like to create an overall effect. In that case, you could purchase matching mats and place them around the corners of the caravan and have different areas for your camping—for example, a wash-up area, a lounging area, and a dining area.

What You Should Know About Recycled Caravan Floor Mats

As soon as you start planning your trip, ensure that caravan recycled mats are on your packing list. With all the benefits you get from having carpets outside your caravan, what more reason do you need?

  • Our mats are UV treated, which means the materials won’t degrade in the sun over time. Along with this protection, they are fast-drying, so if you hose down your mat to clean it, you can leave it out to dry, and it won’t be long before you can fold it and pack it away.
  • The outer stitching of the mat has extra stretch stitching for durability. Unfortunately, many mats unravel over time and with frequent use. However, with our strong stitching, we ensure they will remain intact.
  • When you leave your mat in direct sunlight, it won’t heat up. You can still walk over your mat barefoot, and your feet will not burn. The mats are not hot underfoot to ensure your comfort and safety.
    We design all our mats from our Australian-run company. We take pride in providing you with high quality standards and remain up to date with all Australian health and safety regulations.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use DLG Australia

At DLG Australia, we provide free delivery to all Australian orders. Our small family business ensures that textile and plastic waste doesn’t end up in landfills. We use all recyclable materials and ensure everything goes through a process to create brand new products from clothing materials to paper and plastic. In addition, we make sure everything that we extract from these landfills goes through the necessary procedures for new products.

You can shop the range of DLG's RRR Recycled Outdoor Mats here.

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