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Controlling the temperature extremes in your vehicle can make a big difference to the comfort of your travels. Solarscreen's made-to-measure insulation screens are manufactured in Australia from specially designed and tested material - nine layers of insulative material, quilted together will keep you cool in summer, warm in winter and your vehicle's interior dark & private.

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Troop carrier Toyota Landcruiser fitted with Solar Screens

What are the benefits?

Keep the heat out in summer
Nine layers of material ensure excellent insulation, reducing air-conditioning costs and eliminating damage to your vehicles interior caused by the powerful rays of the sun. See the technical information below for more on how it works.

Keep the warmth in during cold nights
While Solarscreen's insulation will prevent heat from entering your vehicle, they will also prevent heat from leaving your vehicle during the cold winter months.

Made to the exact shape of every window
Solarscreens are made using templates from each window - if they don't have your vehicle's templates already in our library they will custom make the screens from your template. They will provide a template kit with everything required to create accurate templates for your Solar Screens.

Easy to put up and pull down
Solarscreens are attached to the glass using a series of suction discs. The suction discs are manufactured exclusively for their effectiveness (no falling off every five minutes), and also their durability in high temperatures. By using suction discs to attach each screen to the glass, they're able to keep the screen flush to the glass optimising the insulation. Attachment this way also enables you to open and close doors without removing your screens.

Absorb Sound
Nine layers of insulation work together to absorb sound as well as provide insulation from the heat and cold.

Solar Screen Internal View

Block out light
Solarscreen's insulating effectiveness is achieved by blocking the path of light waves (both visible light waves and invisible heat waves). This blocks light from entering through your windows - no more waking up with the first morning light!

Prevent 80% condensation
Solarscreens' composition includes three layers of closed cell anti-condensate material. By preventing the warm air from meeting the glass, Solarscreen's insulation eliminates 80% of condensation, meaning your windows stay drier and your van more breathable.

Strong storage bag
Solarscreens are supplied with a heavy-duty 210 denier nylon storage bag for compact and convenient storage while not in use. When rolled into the bag, and average cab set (three windows) is approximately 20cm diameter.

Technical Information

The light from the sun is in the form of waves, both visible and invisible. We see the visible waves of light and we feel the invisible waves of heat, also called infra red radiation. We know another invisible wave, ultraviolet radiation or UV, causes skin damage. This UV radiation also causes damage to the interior of your motor vehicle. Solarscreens are made of a unique, patented material that works to minimise that damage done to your vehicle be blocking the path of these waves (both visible and invisible) and minimises heat transfer to and from your vehicle.

During the day, the silver re-enforced mylar coating on the outside of Solarscreens reflect the UV radiation and light waves, preventing them from entering the Solarscreen and your vehicle. Inside the material, multiple layers of mylar and polyethylene insulation prevent heat waves (infra red) from passing though the Solarscreen. And because Solarscreens are custom made to fit your windows, no light will enter your vehicle. All of this prevents sun damage to your vehicle interior, and keeps it cool as well.

At night, Solarscreens insulate you in the warm interior of your vehicle from the sometimes much colder exterior. The multiple layers of mylar and polyethylene insulation prevent heat from passing through the Solarscreen. The inside layer of Solarscreens is an anti-condensate PVC film eliminating 80% of condensation - no more drips!


So how do they work? By stopping light waves. Here's how: All three types of light - visible, infra red (heat) and ultra violet - are in the for of a wave with varying wavelengths, depending on the type of light, like this:

If a material is dense or reflective, light waves cannot penetrate its surface. For example, if you were to hold a piece of paper up to the sun, some visible light would pass through it, as would UV and infra red radiation. But if you hold a sheet of mylar up to the sun, no visible light would pass through it, nor would much UV or infra red radiation. Thats why mylar (the major part of Solarscreens) makes a good insulative material, because it is reflective, dense and lightweight. Any UV and infra red radiation that does pass through the initial layer of reflective mylar is much weaker than initially, and so further layers of mylar and polyethylene foam prevent these waves from passing through the Solarscreen.


Prices can vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the volume needed to cover the required windows.

Most popular in our Motorhome/Campervan range is the Cab Set. This generally contains three pieces; one each for the Windshield, Driver Side and Passenger Side Windows.

Cab Sets available include; Sunliner, Paradise, Swagman, Winnebago, Mazda T4600, Isuzu NPR NQR, Toyota Coasters, Mercedes Sprinter Van & C/Chassis, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Iveco Daily, Volkswagen Transporters and all Models in the Toyota Hi-Ace Range. Other vehicles are cut and completed on order. There are hundreds of templates to suit a wide range of makes and models.

Motorhome Nissan Bus Solar Screens


Without a doubt the most popular order for Solarscreens in the 4x4 / Wagon range is the Touring Set.

The Touring Set consists of all the rear windows (behind the front doors). On a Landcruiser, Patrol or Pajero the Rear Set covers the Rear Side Passenger doors, Cargo Sides and Tailgate or Barn Doors. The set consists of 5 or 6 separate pieces all made to fit each individual window.

Solar Screen have patterns for most 4x4s, too many to list!



If Solar Screen don't have templates already on file for your particular vehicle, they will provide a template kit & will custom make the screens from your template.

Each set is stored safely in a 210 Nylon Denier Bag. Every Solarscreen is provided with a 36 month manufacturer's warranty. Please refer to your individual product warranty card for care, storage & warranty information.

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