Peggy Peg Starter Kit

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The starter kit is a must-have for all serious campers!

It contains 30 standard pegs, 20 small pegs and a combo tool making it the most cost-effective way to buy in bulk. This will give you plenty of pegs to meet all your needs and even enough to assist a mate when his or hers conventional pegs are failing.

The starter kit contents come in a durable canvas zip-up bag that is big enough to comfortably house all the pegs and tools without struggling to close the zip

Peggy Peg Screw-in pegs proven a million times, the smartest way to tie down!

Screw-in pegs to screw in either via electric drill (avoid using impact drill) or with the manual device for tents and much more...

Five times lighter than an equivalent metal peg but ten times better grip! The compressing thread makes the Peggy Peg suitable for normal, soft or sandy grounds. The height-adjustable hook also allows using the Peggy N on hard or stony grounds.
Simply screw the peg as far as it will go, attach the hook at the lowest point and you're all set for camping! (Pre-drilling can be useful, especially in hard conditions)
If you want to leave your camping spot, simply unscrew them!

  • This set will cover 85% of all soil types & ground conditions (wet, dry, hard, soft, moist)
  • Have all your essentials in 1 handy bag, wherever you go!
  • Weighs 1/5 normal tent pegs

Set contains:

  • 30 x Screw-in pegs (Normal Ground) 20cm
  • 30 x Normal Hooks
  • 20 x Screw-in pegs (Short) 12cm
  • 2 x PreDrill bits (6 & 10mm)
  • 1  x Combination tool with alloy-adapter
  • 1 x bag blue

Technical Information:
Length: Varied
Wrench size: 17mm
Torque: Varied
Content: 1 Set
Packaging: 85 x 55 x 25cm
Weight: 1.45kg
Material: PA with fibreglass (Everything apart from the adapter), Aluminium (Adapter)